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Available Sizes:

20ft Standard – WWT/CW/1trip
40ft Standard – WWT/CW/1trip
40ft High Cube – WWT/CW/1trip

*** Please note, the price on the ad is for a 20ft WWT container, for pick up from our nearest depot to you

**** We accept all types of payment methods such as credit/debit cards, eChecks, paper checks, ACH, and Wire transfers.

We carry 20′ Standard, 40′ Standard & 40′ High Cube shipping containers.

Industry leading LIFETIME leak warranty & 10 year structural warranty on all units.

What you get when you purchase your container through us:

– All units are guaranteed to be wind & water tight, rodent proof, leak free with sealed doors, have absolutely no holes, and solid floors.

-LIFETIME Leak/ Wind warranty/ 10 year structural warranty

– Standard delivery is on average only 8-12 business days with rush available in most areas.

Each shipping container ships straight from the closest depot to guarantee the best possible prices. Each container is inspected for holes, leaks, a solid floor and operational doors before delivery. 

The price in the ad reflects the price for a used 20ft standard height container *NOT* including delivery (prices will vary)


Our 40ft shipping containers for sale are available in both Standard and High Cube size variations. What does this mean exactly? The overall sizing of the Standard and High Cube versions differs. The latter is better suited to objects that are higher or that require a forklift to move.
If you’re unsure about whether the size of our 40’ container is right for you, feel free to check out our chart to make a comparison. You can also learn more about the sizing of containers in our post on how many pallets fit in a 40-container.

When it comes to choosing the size of a container, our advice is — as always — carefully calculate the size and weight of the goods you want to store before purchasing.

Specifically, our 40’ containers have the following standard dimensions:
40′ length / 8′ width / 8’6” height.

On the other hand, the high cube version has the following, slightly different exterior dimensions (specifically in terms of height):
40’ length / 8’ width / 9’6’’ height.
Note that we’ll always indicate the exact dimensions of our containers on each of our product pages so you need not be worried.

Our 20ft standard containers have traveled the world, and as a result, can sometimes look a bit rough with signs of wear and tear. We guarantee that each container is wind and watertight and will serve you well as a great storage solution for many years to come! There are no holes in the structure and the wooden floor is in good condition. The container can be any color and may sometimes still have the logo of the shipping company. For most land-based purposes, like storage solutions, used shipping containers are the best option.

Prepare for a smooth delivery

Please consider the following points to ensure a hassle-free container delivery.
     1. Accessible delivery location
The truck needs adequate space of at least 12ft wide to easily access your location.
     2. Firm ground
Make sure that the ground is hard, providing a stable surface for the truck and container.
     3. Flat surface
Due to the tilt bed delivery, placing a container on an incline is not possible.
     4. Free of obstructions
Allow of enough space in front of the container, with a length of 3x that of your container.

Container Size



Payload Weight (lbs)



Tare Weight (lbs)




20′ x 8′ x 8.6″

40′ x 8′ x 8.6″

Number of Pellets

10 – 11

20 – 24

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